Dropping Monster Partner of The Vast Sea Of Trees


Guys we're officially dropping Monster Partner of The Vast Sea Of Trees (and someone else picked it up already).

Our address changed!


Just to let you guys know, we moved our website from naniscans.xyz to naniscans.com.

Remember to update your favorites/bookmarks.

Dropping Ore TUEEE


Since our translator being unable to continue working on "Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuseni", we are dropping the series. Fortunately, there's another group working on the project, you will be able to find their releases if you search for a bit.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

Dropping The Faraway Paladin


Hello everyone. Sad news.

We are sorry to report that we are dropping "The Faraway Paladin". We just found out J-Novel is licensing the manga, so we are unable to continue working on it.

It was good while it lasted, thank you for your support on the series. We hope you find a way to support the official release.

We're dropping Isekai Tensei ni Kansha o


We are officially dropping "Isekai Tensei ni Kansha o" because our translator for that series left and because of the lack of interest too.

The series looked somehow promising but in the next chapter there's more side characters background stories and exposition, something many of us don't care about, I think.

If anyone knows a scanlation team that wants to pick it up we'll give the raws of chapter 8 for free.