Bonkotsu Shinpei no Monster Life


Author: Hashihiro Isamu

Artist: Kitajima Azuma


A walking natural disaster-class genetically-enhanced monster (formerly your average Joe soldier, Yuunos) woke up from a 200-year cold sleep at an Imperial research facility. He was immediately targeted by the army because he can only speak in roaranese. Being a video game and manga nerd, he was about to fall into despair at his new form... Then he learned he has several abilities, like far-sight, camouflage, and shockingly crazy strength!

This perked him up, and with strong ulterior motives he selfishly devotes his new life to supporting humans by, busting goblin heads when he feels like it, peeping at elves while they bath, and just living his life indulging in temptation! Furthermore, he meets a thicc mommy wizard, finds himself having good vibes with an elf that wants to coexist with strange creatures... He can’t live among society, but being an ultimate monster, living that kind of life doesn’t sound too bad, right? 

Survival fantasy begins, where a young man with a skeleton will do his best in the future world!
Welcome, to this here young average joe gone monster’s future survival life filled with sin!